Thursday, 26 March 2009

Moonlight mushing.

One thing we really wanted to do in Whitehorse for dog sledding. We went on a Moonlight Mushing package, which turned out to be less moonlit, more sunlit, due to the clocks having gone forward a few weeks ago, and the weather being beautiful. We went to this ranch outside of Whitehorse, and each had our own team of huskies. There was a dog called Katy and one called Seamus. The guide told us that Katy the dog is really small, and find work hard but tries really hard, and Seamus the dog is very good at what he does, and is a lead dog. IT'S JUST LIKE SEAMUS AND ME! My four dogs were lovely, although one kept eating snow. It's meant to be quite hard work to make your dogs run, but mine seemed to like running, so I just stood on the sled and enjoyed the ride. We travelled across the frozen lake, and through the forests and it was so magical! It felt like a really special thing to do, to be working with the dogs. The two hours went way too quickly. Afterwards, we had a campfire and cookies and tea and talked about dogs and northern lights. Dog sledding was definitely something I'd like to do again. Some places do these one or two-week tours, where you camp out every night. I would like to do that. It felt like a real Yukon experience, something you can't do in most places.

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