Wednesday, 15 October 2008


We're in our hostel room in Vancouver after a long day of walking. We walked all the way round the edge of Stanley Park (10kms) plus all over Downtown and Gastown and various other places. Flights etc were all fine yesterday. I know lots of people hate airline food, but I really like it, although I genuinely think vegetarian airline food is very good. There were also good entertainment on, but I fell asleep during most of it. Our hostel was fine, but my annoyingly-responsive body clock meant I woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep, leaving me five hours to consider 1)if I should buy a Macbook (Seamus is selfish with the laptop! It is his laptop but still....) and 2)if Canada has Panda Express chains like the US does.

So today, we went to Stanley Park (it's lovely, and we saw eagles), the Lookout tower (this is a relationship habit, we just like going up observation towers whichever new city we're in), Gastown (mmmm touristy plus STEAM CLOCK!), a shopping mall (it's going to cost about 300 dollars each to get a decent winter coat), a diner apparently selling the best burgers in Vancouver (it's true, they were nice) and a Chinese cafe/art shop. It is bigger and busier than I originally thought, thank god for Stanley Park otherwise I'd be way out of my depth, I've been in the countryside too long. We tried to make a plan for the next couple of weeks to encompass various activities (we are trying to get to an ice hockey game before we go to Waterton), oh and we've decided on Waterton for work. Oh, and we found out it's really hard to get Canadian sim cards, it's so confusing and you have to pay for incoming calls, so really it's been a very full day, we are planning to go on a hostel outing to the pub this evening but Seamus is asleep and I am tired too, so I'm not sure yet. We had a beer earlier in the diner, and it wasn't very nice...I miss cider already.


Victoria said...

Hello Katy, hello Seamus. I'm glad you got to Canadia safe and sound. A blog is a very good idea, well done. You should get Seamus to write a little piece on each post.Oh and to cover all bases, because I'm not sure which you'll read first and this way you lose twice, you LOSE. In Canada. A whole new continent. Enjoy x x x
P.S. I think you should definitely get a macbook :)

Louise W said...

oh i miss vancouver!! stanley park is gorgeous, loved it there!! we hired bikes and cycled round, and managed to get one stolen which cost the crew $200!! oops, sounds like ur time there wasnt as adventurous but lovely all the same im sure!! gonna carry in readin the blog now, such a good idea xxx