Friday, 24 October 2008

Money etc.

The last few days have been a bit fraught. Living in a hostel started to take its toll on me, especially because of the school party who were in all the bedrooms around us. We also had a bit of a money crisis, when the banks stopped letting us withdraw money and we have five dollars left and I cried. But we've pulled through the hard times, and today are going shopping...

Wednesday we went to the University of British Columbia, which is a really amazing campus. There's 50,000 students or something like that, and it's so huge compared with Kent Uni. From there, we walked down the Wreck Beach, which is "clothing optional". We opted for clothes, but lots of people didn't, it was supposed be 20 degrees and very sunny, but October still seems a little late for public nudity, especially now that there's snow on the mountains. Anyway, the beach was lovely. I have set myself a challenge for this year, well, less of a challenge, more of an opportunity to buy more clothes. The challenge is to buy university merchandise from every university town/city we visit. University of Victoria and BC are already checked off the list, and we're not due to hit another university town for about six months now, which is probably good for our finances. Seamus is very good about following me around university shops while I try and decide which jumper to get.

We had lunch on the campus, and walked around some more, before going to Pacific Spirit Regional Park, which adjoins to the university. It was not as good as when we went to the forest in the rain the other day, but still nice. So, lots of walking Wednesday. We went to the cinema in the evening to see How to lose friends and alienate people. It was....alright.

Yesterday we went to Chinatown, which is one of the largest in the world. So many supermarkets selling the same products, it's impossible to see how they all make money. We had a very cheap lunch in a chinese restaurant, and went to a chinese park. Today, we're going shopping for coats and other clothes. Thank god for credit cards! After today, we have three days left in Vancouver. I found it too busy when we first got here, but now I love it. We're trying to do as much stuff as possible in the next few days, since from next Friday we'll be out of civilisation for six months...

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