Monday, 13 October 2008

Leaving tomorrow.

I thought it might be easier to keep a blog while we're in Canada than write multiple emails, although I will still email too. We leave tomorrow, our flights at 1710 but we'll leave in the morning because we are the kind of people who are paranoid about missing flights. We are yet to pack, but have organised pretty much everything. As it stands, we have two job offers to go to, and hopefully we'll make up our minds once we get to Vancouver and see how hard it is to find our own accommodation. This is our very vague plan as it stands:

14th-18th Vancouver
18th-20th Victoria
20th-23rd Vancouver
-at which point we'll either be staying in Vancouver to work until April....or taking a very complicated bus/taxi journey to Waterton Park to work until April.
April until August - visit the following places: Banff, Thunder Bay, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, whatever else we come across on the way. We fly home from Montreal on August 9th 2009. If anyone has any suggestions for places to visit and things to do, then please share....

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