Monday, 27 October 2008

Racoons and Canucks.

On Saturday, we went to Stanley Park again and we saw racoons! I was so excited. I could tell Seamus was very excited too, but he hid it well. The racoons were really tame, and walked right up to people (I was a bit scared of them because Seamus said they sometimes have rabies). It was really cool. We saw them swimming too.
Saturday night we went to the ice hockey game (Vancouver vs. Edmonton). It was even more exciting than seeing racoons. We drank very expensive beer and waved our little free flags, and shouted, and someone spilt his very expensive beer on my clothes. Canucks won, 6-3! I feel I am now a sportsfan. The stadium is huge and there were so many people all cheering and stuff...and I'm a sucker for...human emotion, and I was seduced by all the happiness and I loved it. Seamus liked it too, because he could talk to men about sports, which made a change for him because usually he just has to listen to me talking about squirrels. Speaking of Seamus, I know some people have expressed a wish for him to write his own entries on this blog, but since the most writing I can get him to do is sign his name on postcards, you're going to have to keep on waiting. I'm pretty sure he's having fun though.

Tonight's our last night in Vancouver! Tomorrow morning, we begin a three-day bus journey through Shuswap Lake, Banff, Calgary and Pincher Creek, all the way to Waterton Lakes National Parks (a journey of about 686 miles...). We'll arrive there Friday morning, and we'll stay til April/May hopefully. I'll write more once we get there.

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Catherine said...

Aww, I was going to say that I'd love it if Seamus wrote some things.. maybe with some convincing he'll start? I guess I will just have to imagine his well-contained excitement!

I drank a Kopparberg tonight and thought of you xxx