Thursday, 29 January 2009

Walking to Cameron Lake.

The day before the fire was such a beautiful day. Clear blue skies and no wind. We walked towards Cameron Lake (it's 16km so....not the whole way) and it was a lovely walk. I don't know why we've never been that way before. We went to the frozen lake, saw a HUGE frozen waterfall and some more deer. I love the deer, they warm my heart every time I see them. I love living in a place where deer are all over the village. The weather's changed back to windy now, so no more walking and no more photos :(

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Anonymous said...

We might be walking through the snow again after the weekend if the forecast is right - and I saw a muntjac's bum going into a hedge yesterday so we are almost Canadia. I am overworked and looking forward to seeing the kids in the Westhall panto tomorrow evening so I can sit down. Have had profuse e-mail and phone message thanks from Angela and Nathalie. Keep walking! .x.