Saturday, 3 January 2009


On New Year's Eve, Seamus was working until 10pm, so I had a few drinks in the bar while waiting for him. The hotel's been pretty busy this last week, so there were lots of people around. My boss gave me a shiny hat to wear. Anyway, after work, we went to a staff party where we had a very unexciting countdown to 2009, plus lots of games of pool and table football, some more drinks and the usual staff drama. I went to sleep at 3am and had to be up at 6am for work. I still haven't quite recovered. It was a very nice, relaxing week, although I can't quite believe that yet another Christmas and New Year have passed without anything much happening. Good things about the holiday period in Canada - the masses of snow making everything look so Christmassy. Bad things about the holiday period in Canada - crap Christmas tv.

Now work is back to normal, and we're due yet another chinook on our days off. The temperature's meant to get above zero for the first time in about a month, but the winds will probably make it too cold to go snowshoeing or anything much at all. We bought ourselves a Christmas/New Year's treat....a second-hand playstation (don't worry mum, it was very cheap) so maybe that'll be our entertainment on windy days. Sometimes I think our Canadian "adventures" are really just the same as our lifestyles in the UK, with added snow.


Catherine said...

You missed out the most exciting part of our New Year - speaking to you! hehe. Happy new year xx

Anonymous said...

WE are just back from a snowy - and verrrry cold boat. I drove home and all the big roads were fine - so now I need to turn to the chickens and their accommodation!