Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The collective dynamics of the small world network.

I know we should be increasingly unsurprised by coincidences, with the impact of global travel, internet communications, and this is particularly relevant in my own age group, where many students/recent graduates travel all over the world. But here is a coincidence which just occurred in my life, and I'm still pretty amazed:

In Canterbury, I had a friend, Kirsten, who was from the Northwest Territories in Canada, but was also studying Sociology in Canterbury, England. She is still currently in England, studying for her Masters. I am working in the very south of Alberta, probably 2000km south of Yellowknife, Kirsten's home city. I just found out that the other weekend in the bar I work in, I served one of Kirsten's friends from home. Waterton=middle of nowhere and Yellowknife=middle of nowhere. As Vikki and I would say....WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

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